What is T3 Method

Success Story 1 : ‘ Hemant and Pooja’

Hemant is 33 years old , resides in Delhi and works for multinational software development firm in Gurgaon. He is 5’9’’ tall, weighs 72 kgs and is regular at gym. He doesn’t smoke and is occasional drinker .. Three years before his marriage he was in successful physical relationship with another woman for few months.

Pooja is 29 years old ,5’4’’ tall, weighs 56 kgs, also works for multinational firm in Gurgaon and had never been in a relationship.

Hemant and Pooja got married about six months ago .This match was arranged by their families and both of them really looking forward to their marriage. During their honeymoon itself Hemant felt that something was amiss. On first two occasions he couldn’t hold on to his erection for entire time. But his third failure came as a shock to him. He started seeing himself as inadequate. This feeling of inadequacy led to anxiety and poor self image. He started to avoid getting intimate with his wife. This further led to frustration and irritation in relationship leading frequent arguments. This stress which originated in their bedroom had spilled into their family and professional life.

Hemant didn’t know where to look for help. He looked at some herbal medication advertisements in magazines and bought them online or sometimes from chemists. Obviously these were of no avail .He tried his luck with local homeopath also. He finally landed with family doctor who decided to put him on anti anxiety pills while informing him that erectile dysfunction can’t happen at this age. After two months of this ordeal he lands up at Men’s Clinic in Delhi.

First visit at Men’s Clinic, Hemant was requested detailed history by our consultant and undergoes diagnostic tests for further evaluation. Luckily, his liver and kidney functions were normal in spite of using various herbal medications laced with heavy metals. He was advised T3 Therapy .

Hemant and Pooja met our consultants three months later and this is what Hemant told us
“I am really grateful to Men’s Clinic for saving our marriage and rekindle our relationship. In very first week I felt much better and we started having fulfilling relationship. Doctors at clinic were very kind and transparent and listened to me with lot of patience and attention. Entire therapy was carried out in very comfortable and confidential manner. Thanks a lot.”

Success Story 2 : ‘Javed and Ayesha’

Javed, 44 years , 5’8’’ tall, 75 Kgs, smoker,businessman from Lucknow, lost his first wife 5 years ago . Now married for second time to Ayesha for one year.

Ayesha, 39 years old , 5’3’’, 52 kgs, home maker , divorced 6 years back. Now she is married to Javed for last one year.

Javed and Ayesha are happily married. Javed started feeling inadequate right after marriage. He initially started treatment from local Ayurvedic specialist. It did not work for him. Few months later he consulted local specialist in Lucknow. He was put on tablets and he started showing improvement. Unfortunately, no attempt was made to correct underlying cause as is the case with all other ED therapies these days. One year later he started noticing that medicines were no longer providing same improvement and he had to increase dosage also. Two months back he contacted Men’s Clinic.

During First Visit at Men’s Clinic, Javed was thoroughly evaluated and suggested therapy and other lifestyle modifications. Since therapy at Men’s Clinic is aimed at correcting underlying cause, it works even when other therapies have failed. He was further suggested to stop smoking and introduce exercise and other activities in his daily life.

Two months later , this is what Javed has to share with us
“I was very anxious and was losing hope two months ago. Once tablets were not working anymore, I started believing I have no options left. This thought was devastating. During my first visit itself, lot of my anxiety had vanished. Two months later I feel so confident. Our marriage has regained its charm. I really look forward to seeing my partner and both of us feel satisfied in our relationship. I really want to thank Men’s Clinic for all their help.”

Success Story 3 : ‘ Shirish and Kavita’

Shirish, 48 years old , 5’10’’ tall, 78 kgs, working professional, non smoker and very active lifestyle is married for last twenty years to Kavita.

Kavita, 44 years , 5’5’’ tall, 58 Kgs, runs social work organization, active at gym and is successfully married for last twenty years to Shirish.

Shirish and Kavita had been living in marital bliss for last twenty years. Shirish had first failure six months back. Both ignored it and attributed it to tiredness or boredom. But second failure after few more days had left Shirish worried. He wanted to seek help, but his wife suggested him to try some multivitamins, which obviously did not help. Shirish never believed in pseudo scientific methods and wanted to seek help from specialists. Unfortunately, magazines and newspapers were full of advertisements with herbal capsules which promise everything even without doing any consultation. He was aware that using such unsupervised medication can have serious side effects. One of his friends had suffered liver damage because of such energy medication. During this period their relationship got strained as these episodes had left Shirish shattered. Finally, three months ago he fixed an appointment with Men’s Clinic.

During his First Visit at Men’s Clinic, he was accompanied by his wife who had been very supporting all through. Detailed medical and sexual history was recorded in very sensitive and comfortable manner. After diagnostic work up, Shirish was put on treatment .They were suggested lifestyle modifications also.

This is what they had to share with us about a month back.
“We are extremely grateful to Men’s Clinic for giving us new hope. Both of us feel rejuvenated and complete. Entire process at clinic was handled in very sensitive and kind manner. Further , I was impressed with scientific and professional approach of consultants at clinic.I thank all of them from bottom of my heart.”

Success Story 4 : ‘Arjun’

Devansh , 35 years old , 5’8’’ tall , 77 Kgs, marketing professional , never married and leads sedentary lifestyle . His last relationship ended one year back . Prior to that he had been in few physical relationships with women.

During his last relationship, he faced his first failure in bedroom . He was shocked and started avoiding his partner leading to their separation. After few months he made another unsuccessful attempt with another woman which left him shattered .Since then he had been scared of getting into another relationship. Few months later his parents started pressurizing him to get married . He got engaged a month back and is planning to get married three months later. He is ridden with anxiety and self doubt. He sought our help a month back .

During his first visit at Clinic , he underwent detailed evaluation like our other patients. He was offered T3 therapy and lifestyle improvement . He has already started feeling improvement and his confidence is getting restored.

This is what he has to say about his experience
“I have again started experiencing full erections after very long time . I feel confident and am looking forward to happy married life . I no longer have doubts and I feel more energetic and at ease in company of my partner. I am really grateful to Men’s Clinic for all their help.”

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